Support and services for Ukrainians in the UK

Support and services for Ukrainians in the UK

There are a number of new and established charities, support services, and other help available for Ukrainians once they arrive in the UK. Actually, some are accessible before that. I am going to attempt to note some of those things down here so you can either share this with a Ukrainian you support or use the list yourself.

First, you can check out the UK government’s support for Ukrainian refugees. This is very general and doesn’t tell you where to find specific support, only what type of support will be available.

Table of Contents

    Mental health

    It’s complicated – offering free therapy for those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

    BipolarLab – free psychological support for refugees fleeing Ukraine. Must be able to prove that you cannot afford to pay for private mental health care.

    NHS – you can get mental health support through the UK’s NHS. This is free. You can speak initially with a GP but can also get referred for more professional help.

    Together All – this is an online mental health community, but it is monitored and supported by licensed and registered mental health practitioners.

    Samaritans – you can speak to someone just to chat or share your scary thoughts without judgment. Available 24/7 365.

    Kids Therapy Books – the children of Ukraine will be feeling traumatized. These printable books can help them work through feelings.

    International Play Association – the IPA has created a guide (in Ukrainian) about children’s play during a crisis. Free to download with lots of information on low-cost and practical ideas on play and how it can help children cope.

    Legal advice

    Refugee Rights Hub – offers free legal advice and practical help for refugees.

    Ukraine Advice Project UK – offering legal advice concerning immigration and seeking asylum.

    Citizens Advice Bureau – Citizens advice is not actually lawyers, but individuals who volunteer to help you find the information you need. They can give advice on so many different topics.

    Here for good – for legal advice and help to find family lost in Ukraine.

    Medical support

    NHS – Ukrainians in the UK will be able to access all NHS services including routine healthcare, emergency services, hospital treatment, and maternity and health visitor support.

    Travel and transport

    Wizz Air – you can get a free or discounted flight from Ukraine’s neighbouring countries (Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia) to any of the destinations shown when booking.

    Eurostar – Eurostar is allowing Ukrainian nationals to travel London for free on its trains.

    Transport for Wales – free train travel within Wales for Ukrainians for 6 months.

    The UK will also offer free train travel throughout the UK to Ukrainians.

    Ukrainians will also have free access to travel across London using TfL’s London Underground, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), bus and tram services.


    Ukraine Zone – helping to reunite families displaced during the war.


    Vodafone – Vodafone has a few things happening. They are letting texts and calls to/from Ukraine go through free of charge. They’re also offering 200,000 sim cards to Ukrainian refugees which I read will have 20GB of data. Charities involved with helping Ukrainians can also apply for a sim card. The charity sim card will have 20GB of free data each month for six months. Apply for the refugee sim card here.

    Three – Three sim cards available in stores to Ukrainians in the UK. It will be a 30-day preloaded Pay as You Go SIM with unlimited data and unlimited domestic calls and texts.

    Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB) – AUGB represents Ukrainians within the UK. They promote and support the interests of UK Ukrainians.

    BUBWA – a support group for British-Ukrainian Business Women Association is a support group to help Ukrainian women who have recently arrived in the UK to bridge the social, cultural, educational, and professional gaps.

    Shelter – advice, and information about housing.

    Settled – advice for people who have made a home in the UK. You can also contact them on:


    English lessons – This girl on Facebook is offering free online lessons for people from Ukraine.

    Minerva Virtual Academy – this online school is also offering free English lessons for Ukrainian teenagers in London. Ages 13-15. Email:

    Aircamp – Aircamp is offering Ukrainian children age 8-16 group classes online called “Ukraine Friendship Classes”. Children can be anywhere.

    Oxford International Education Group – offers different online English courses for refugees.

    Emma Sinclair has also stated that at least 6 companies are willing to provide English language training to Ukrainian refugees.

    Working and finding a job

    I have already put together a list of websites to look for remote work. Hopefully, that helps.

    UK Government – the government has an area on their website dedicated to finding work.

    JobCentre Plus – this government branch is there to help you with benefits and finding work.

    Job Aid Ukraine – this company can help Ukrainians find work in Europe. I am not sure if the UK is included.

    JobsForUkraine – this website was set up by a Ukrainian woman living in the UK to help her fellow Ukrainians find jobs. Jobs are all over Europe and the US too. UK jobs are available.

    Emma Sinclair is encouraging local businesses to join the list and offering jobs to Ukrainian refugees. You can learn about some of those companies here.

    Scotland specific support

    I am Scottish so I happen to know more about specific services available in Scotland for refugees.

    NHS Scotland – free health and mental health care in Scotland.

    Money Support – helping you find the right support to help you alleviate money worries.

    Citizens Advice Scotland – just the like UK Citizens Advice Bureau the Scottish branch can advise you on a number of topics.

    ALISS – you can use your new postcode to search for groups happening near you.

    Social Security Scotland – you can use their service to find out if you are eligible for certain benefits.

    If you are hosting a refugee there is also a lot you can do to be ready for them to come and to make sure you are being supportive of them. You can read about some of the ideas myself and other hosts/prospective hosts have had here. If you are still looking for someone to sponsor this post might help.

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