Support for Ukrainians: listed by country

Support for Ukrainians: listed by country

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    • Ready2Rock Landscaping from Scotland have been in Ukraine for a while now transporting people to the border so they can leave Ukraine. You can contact Paige or Ready2RockLandscaping on Facebook to arrange help.
    • Telegram has a number of groups/channels available with information for Ukrainians who need to leave Ukraine. There is a list of different city groups offering advice too.
    • The official train channel on Telegram.
    • is offering temporary accommodation within Ukraine.
    • Find help to evacuate Ukraine on Ukraine Now.
    • Drive For Refugees are collecting people from the Ukraine Borders.
    • Pomocprouprchliky are coordinating collections from the Ukraine Borders.
    • Pomoc Ukrajině ČR – Ubľa is a Facebook group of people who will drive to collect Ukrainians.
    • Train To Ukraine will help to transport elderly people and Mothers with kids to Czech Republic. They also have a Facebook group.
    • MAV Trains (Hungary) have stated that Ukrainians can travel for free using a 2nd class ticket. The below is a table they have posted which I believe is the countries you can travel from with a free ticket to get to Hungary. You can get more information by calling for free on +36 1 3 49 49 49 .

    There are lots of resources for people stuck in Ukraine on


    I’ve actually written a separate post about what the UK can offer. You can read that here. There is also some really good advice here about coming to the UK and what Visa you should get.


    • Budapest University of Technology is offering to let students of its partner universities come to study there. You can read more about that here. They are actually offering a bunch of support to the families of students too.
    • WizzAir are offering free flights out of Hungary for Ukrainians fleeing the war. Learn more here.
    • You can download this form and have it ready for when you enter Hungary with a pet. This should make entry much smoother.
    • Refugees from Ukraine may receive free medical care from Hungarian general practitioners, specialized clinics, and hospitals and only need to show their passport to recieve this.
    • Semmelweis University is offering to help Ukrainian medical students and professionals with study and employment in Hungary. They will also help the families of students find housing. You can send an email to the university here:
    • Semmelweis University is also offering care in actue and urgent cases to Ukrainian refugees.
    • Ukrainian refugees may use MÁV trains free of charge from Záhony.
    • They also have routes that travel from Ukraine to Hungary. It is unclear if these are still operting as this post was lasted updated on March 4th.
    • Budapest Helps is a website where you can go to find accommodation. You can contact them via phone, too on+36 1 327 1957 in working hours or +36 1 338 4186 outside of working hours.
    • Free travel for Ukrainian citizens (refugees) on Budapest public transport will be available until April 15. The mayor of Budapest said all children under the age of 14 from Ukraine would have free travel rights. To plan your route you need the BudapestGO app.
    • 24-hour information center in the Nyugati Square underpass is available for Ukrainians.
    • is another place you can search for accommodation where it should be available for 50% of the usual cost.


    • Slovak University of Technology is offering accommodation to people fleeing Ukraine. It also plans to make it easier for students from Ukraine to enroll in study there. They will also have a support programme for any current students from Ukraine. They have released a statement in support of Ukraine.
    • Information from the Slovakian government about entering Slovakia (in Ukriaian).
    • Finding accommodation in Slovakia.
    • There is free train travel in Slovakia for Ukrainians. This is the website of the railways of the Slovak Republic.
    • You can visit the Ukraine Embassay in Bratislava or call on +421 2 592 028 10.
    • Hotlines of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic for Ukrainian-speaking persons can be called on +421 513 816 11 or +421 259 765 111.
    • Free suburban bus travel for the citizens of Ukraine has been introduced in some regions, particularly, Bratislava and Trnava.
    • FAQ about seeking asylum in Slovakia in the Ukranian language is here.
    • Free mobile phone sim cards with credit and data for Ukrainians arriving in Slovakia. More information on those companies here.
    • Children of Ukrainians fleeing the war are entitled to free education in Slovakia. The schools will also offer Slovak language courses. 24/7 support in Ukrainian phone : +421 910 944 825, +421 950 511 776, +421 951 141 060, +421 951 300 053, +421 951 453 061.
    • Free job advice from IOM´s Migration Information Center.
    • Search for jobs on and
    • Crisis line of People in Danger and counselling: 0800 500 888 or by e-mail.
    • Mental Health League Helpline: 0800 222 450
    • Ukraine-Slovakia SOS is a Ukrainian community in Slovakia.
    • WizzAir are offering free flights from Slovakia for Ukrainian refugees. Read more about it here.
    • Slovakian government website with lots of information for Ukrainian refugees.
    • Ukrainian people can get a 95% discount on net fares for one-way Finnair tickets from Budapest to Helsinki.

    Lots more emergency and support contacts are available here.


    • Government hotline in Moldova: +373 8000 15 27
    • Many resources on life in Moldova in Russian here.
    • Learn how to apply for asylum in Moldova here.


    • The University of Zurich has said that it is open to students and scholars feeling Ukraine. They advised to contact them via Scholars at Risk.
    • Help For Ukraine seem to be working with The University of Zurich in getting collections to take into Ukraine. They are also promoting a ‘Friends of Ukraine‘ program and you can sign up on their website.
    • Asylex are offering free legal support for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Switzerland.
    • Support Ukraine are connecting people with accommodation they very much need in Switzerland.
    • Siss Refugee Council will help locate accommodation, teach you the rights of asylum seekers and can give you a lot of important conact information. They have a page dedicated to the people of Ukraine.
    • Hire for Ukraine let’s Ukrainians post adverts about themselves in order to find work. Recruiters can also use the website to sign up to get a report of the latest adverts and search through to contact people they might need.


    • Irish Universities will offer Ukrainians places to study, and will also offer places to any Irish people who were studying in Ukraine.
    • The Government of Ireland was also waived visa regulations and fees for Ukrainians who can go to Irland and immediately have the right to work.
    • People fleeing from Ukraine can use free of charge in Ireland the rail trains, Bus Éireann transportation and Expressway transport.



    • Keith Hathaway is offering to help people in Warsaw, Poland apply for their UK visa. He shared his information on this Facebook post.
    • German Federal Railway has announced that they will offer free travel from Poland to Germany. This post on Facebook has some details about the scheme. Trains leave from Warsaw, Danzig, Przemysl, Krakow and Wroclaw.
    • FlixBus are offering free travel to various locations in Poland from Przemysl. Read about it on their website (in Ukrainian).
    • WizzAir are offering free flights to Ukrainian refugees from Poland. Learn more here.
    • The Polish Government have a lot of information for Ukrainian refugees on their website.
    • Ukrainians are entitled to a 95% discount on net fares for one-way Finnair tickets from Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk to Helsinki.
    • They can also use PKP trains and Polferries to travel from Polish borders to other cities in Poland.
    • LOT airlines also offers discounted tariffs for Ukrainans.
    • Uber offers unlimited free trips between the Ukrainian border and Polish cities.





    • WizzAir are offering free rescue flights from Romania. Learn more about it here.
    • CFR trains allows free travel with a “Help Ukraine Ticket”.
    • Ukrainians in Romania can also use Romfour shuttle bus from station to station free of charge. Romfour organises further bus transport to Italy and other European cities.

    Czech Republic


    • Information for Ukrainians arriving in Austria from the government, you can also call their hotline on +43 1 2676 870 9560 if you are in urgent need of help.
    • The Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) will offer free travel from Austria to Germany. Trains leave from Vienna.
    • Free travel is available on Austrian trains for Ukrainian refugees. Learn more about it on their website.


    • People fleeing from Ukraine can use SNCF and Thalys trains free of charge.


    • People fleeing from Ukraine can use Renfe trains free of charge.


    • People fleeing from Ukraine can use CP – Trains of Portugal free of charge.




    • People fleeing from Ukraine can use NS trains free of charge.




    • People fleeing from Ukraine can use Onnibus transports and VR trains free of charge.
    • Ukrainians can get a 95% discount on net fares for one-way Finnair tickets from Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Budapest and Prague to Helsinki.




    • Ukrainian refugees in Croatia can use HŽ Putnički prijevoz trains free of charge with ‘solidarity tickets’ and with a “Help Ukraine Ticket”.



    You can read this document by ECRE to see what to expect for Ukrainian refugees in each country in Europe and this website helps you find multiple ways you can help Ukrainians in your country.

    The cover image for this post was free to download and use as of March 21st 2022 on Pexels.

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