Keeping it green with Octopus Energy

Keeping it green with Octopus Energy

There are a number of energy plans with Octopus Energy, and although Octopus state upfront that they might not be the cheapest, we found the price to be the best available to us.

We went with the Super Green plan which meant that our gas usage was also offset by Octopus Energy. Octopus also use sustainable energy suppliers for their electricity.

The switch was easy, we used a friend’s referral link to earn a £50 credit into our account. Not only that we referred multiple friends and ended up with over £200 of free energy in 2020 alone.

You’ll get your credit once you are on supply and your first direct debit has been taken. If a friend signs up using your link you’ll get your bonus when they are on supply and their first direct debit comes out.

Octopus are also interested in planting trees, and have had some celebrities planting for them! They are the future of energy and are highly recommend by us.

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