How we can help you

You might be wondering what different ways we are able to help you. As a business, we offer a number of different services for our clients. We typically work with management companies, farmers, and estate owners to bring their forestry dreams to life. But what exactly can we do?

Plant Trees

First and foremost – we plant trees. We are a squad who literally put the trees into the ground. We have many years of experience doing this. We pride ourselves on quality, rather than quantity, so although we have some fairly fast planters who can plant over 2000 trees per day – we much prefer the job is done right and that the trees have the best shot at survival.

apex forestry how we can help you
Stakes and tubes

We have experience working with many different kinds of trees and offer extremely competitive rates for the quality of work we provide. We cover all aspects of planting from big blocks of commercial conifers to more intricate native and mixed broadleaves guarded in either voleguards, if inside a deer fence, or 1.2m shelters.

Knapsack Spraying

We are all fully trained and certified to spray and handle chemicals. We have done many different types of spraying including kerb spraying to help prevent grasses from competing with the trees, spot spraying, and more generalized blanket spraying.

apex forestry

We keep our certifications up to date and can provide these to you upfront before the commencement of work.

apex forestry


If you are unsure about this term, it means to use a mattock to create a weed-free planting position where you need to plant a tree. The size of the screef can vary depending on the client needs. This is usually conducted in areas of a site where ground preparation machines cannot work on.


Hand-weeding is almost as it sounds. It is not quite like garden weeding – we use a hook with a sharp blade to cut down tall weeds in the planting area. This is to ensure no weeds fall onto the tree and starve the tree of light from the sun.

Strimming and Brushcutting

Strimming and Brushcutting is something that is often carried out if the weeds are too much for a hand tool or if there is a lot of more woody shrubs or regeneration of trees growing within the crop. The motor manual weeding, such as a brushcutter will mow through the regen and drastically reduce competition in the crop giving the planted trees the best shot at survival. Strimming is used in a similar way but for more grasses and not woody stems.


We can offer great amounts of advice from where to plant what species of tree, what ground prep people could use, a vast amount of contacts who deal with woodland grant schemes, contacts in fencing, and ground preparation. All of which are important for woodland creations. By taking soo much pride in our work we learn in our own time about the industry and how we can help our clients get the best possible results.