Support for Ukrainians: listed by country

UKRAINE HELP Ready2Rock Landscaping from Scotland have been in Ukraine for a while now transporting people to the border so they can leave Ukraine. You can contact Paige or Ready2RockLandscaping on Facebook to arrange help. Telegram has a number of groups/channels available with information for Ukrainians who need to leave Ukraine. There is a list of different city groups offering […]

Get prepared to host a refugee

As a host, you will have a few responsibilities to your Ukrainian family. Although the government pretty much advises that you can apply and forget, I don’t think this is a particularly good approach. You obviously care enough to want to help so I am sure you’d be happy for a few suggestions on how to prepare for your guest’s […]

Support and services for Ukrainians in the UK

There are a number of new and established charities, support services, and other help available for Ukrainians once they arrive in the UK. Actually, some are accessible before that. I am going to attempt to note some of those things down here so you can either share this with a Ukrainian you support or use the list yourself. First, you […]

Ukraine Refugee: How to match with a host

First off, I am so sorry for what is happening to your beautiful country. We stand with Ukraine and will do everything we can to bring as many Ukrainians to safety. We are also working on translations for this website to make it easier for people to find the help they need in their own language. Hopefully, we can get […]

Remote job sites to help Ukraine refugees

After hours and hours of research into where you can find Ukraine refugees to match with and host in your home, I am back here at my computer at 3 am because I cannot sleep and I want to be able to do more to help. Trawling through all of the Facebook posts in groups to support Ukrainian refugees I […]

How to match with and host a Ukraine refugee

This post is absolutely off-topic and I apologize for that. I have been watching the war unfold since it began and I have absolutely amazed seeing other small businesses use their goodwill and current online platforms and communities to get aid to those in Ukraine. Some particular examples that stand out are PATROL who have/plan to drive out numerous vehicles […]

Planned forestry works in Walkerburn

Many people have taken to social media to debate the forestry plans for Walkerburn. The plan, by Forestry and Land Scotland proposes to work on 3543 hectares of land between Elibank, Traquair, Caberston and Tornilee forests. The plan wants to bring together some separate woodlands while also working on two new woodland creations. The forests would bring about new natural […]