Supervisor Application

Supervisor Application

Roles and Responsibilities of the company supervisor:

You’ll be doing everything a tree planter does on-site and the following;

Checking and ensuring the quality of work is up to Apex Forestry standard.

Moving materials/ trees wherever they need to go by hand/ATV/Vehicle.

Ensuring all waste/rubbish is dealt with appropriately and all at designated rubbish points.

Ensuring all PPE is worn for every tasking.

Ensuring kit and equipment are cleaned to a reasonable standard after use (mainly sprayers).

Responsible for using the mapping system and ensuring the task is in the correct area.

Responsible for meeting and talking to forest managers on site if in charge of the site. Telling them where everyone is, what the days’ task is, and highlighting/correcting any problems the forest manager finds.

May be required to carry out off-site tasks/behind the scenes tasks such as waste at the yard or prepping kit for the next day.

May be required to work more difficult areas of sites if it requires an experienced individual.

May be required in actioning or having an input into disciplinary situations.


£2400 per year on top of the individual planting wage. (Extra £200 per month)

Please make sure you read all of the above and understand what is required of you. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask (David can be contacted on 07814023810).