About Us

Apex Forestry Ltd was set up by David Meldrum in May 2018. David had been travelling in Asia for around 5 months. On returning to the UK David took the first job he could get, and literally started the next day after landing in Scotland! That job was planting trees.

apex forestry about us

After seeing where things could be done better, and wanting to see more quality when it came to planting, David started Apex Forestry.

The business grew quickly, and soon David was managing a team of ten people and had appointed two more directors and two supervisors to help with the workload. Apex Forestry has worked with some of the biggest forestry companies in Scotland and has a reputation for very good and quality planting work. David prides himself on that reputation and is convinced that the quality of his work is the reason he has been so successful.

Apex Forestry is now directed by David, his brother Ryan and David’s partner Natasha. Between them, they make the big decisions for the business, manage the workload and actually work on the ground planting trees themselves too.