Apex Forestry stands with Ukraine

Right now, there isn’t a huge amount we can do that is hands-on support for those fleeing Ukraine. Until the Homes for Ukraine scheme goes live we are pretty much sat twiddling our thumbs. Charities on the border where our donations have gone to thus far are saying they have enough donations and to hold off or send money now. Many people describe scenes of people crossing the border and being quickly tucked onto a bus or train and taken away to safety before any of the donations could be given to them.

It all makes sense really, we want them to be in a safer place and that means moving quickly.

We have been trying to think of ways we can help those in Ukraine while all the way over in Scotland and the best we can do right now is to pull together information and make it findable. Right now we’ve committed to writing articles that collect practical tips and links to sources that the Ukrainian refugees, their supporters on the borders, and those wishing to help really need but are struggling to find.

Finding information can be difficult, especially when the big news companies are writing almost identical articles and ranking on Google for the keywords and therefore flooding Google with unhelpful pieces. If you want to help my articles get found, link to them from another website (from a relevant article or page e.g. something to do with Ukraine, but more helpful would be articles related to the refugee situation and how to get a host in another country) if you have one. I am using up a lot of my time doing research, reading, searching, collecting, and writing information for hours at a time, through the night, early morning, and any time I can catch a minute away from the kids. I’d really appreciate that if you find it valuable you maybe leave a comment or share it for me. They will only be useful if they can be found.

Articles to help Ukrainians

For those who want to host: How to match with and host a Ukraine refugee

For those looking for a host: How to find a host

Remote job sites to help Ukraine refugees

A list of agencies that will support Ukrainians in the UK

A list, by country, of support for Ukrainians across Europe

Found someone to sponsor? Great! This guide will help you prepare for their arrival.

I am just getting started with putting together articles to help the Ukraine refugees, so keep coming back to see if there is anything new you can share.