Littledean near Eyemouth

Littledean near Eyemouth

We have spent a fair amount of time on the Littledean sites near Eyemouth. We are currently working on some spraying here, but planted many of the compartments too. Eyemouth is in the Scottish Borders, but is still about 1.5 hours drive from home.


There were a mix of trees going into this site, it was such a huge job with many compartments. Some of the trees went into tubes and stakes, and a lot more didn’t. There were new tubes we hadn’t seen before that had some holes in them from about 1 foot up.

littledean eyemouth


The most recent work has been the spraying, which is summer work. We have been down many days, and still have more to do, to spray all different ways.

The first compartment was spraying around the tubes. This means that we mix RoundUp with water and a dye (so we can see where we have sprayed as the RoundUp and water are both clear) and we spray a circle around 1 metre in diameter around the tube. The spray can hit the tube, unless it is a tube with holes where you need to be much more careful.

Between the four of us we moved on quickly to the next compartment. This was Douglas Fir in the wild grass. In the beginning we had thought it wasn’t a good spot for Douglas Fir and we were right, it was very dry and the hot Scottish weather this year just gave the trees no chance. The client wanted them sprayed anyway so we done the job. It was really hard to see the trees, some were orange and some were totally bare, and only a very few had any kind of green on them.

If you want to see what Douglas Fir should look like you can check out this Tik Tok video we made.

The same goes for the Douglas Fir, we spray around 1 meter diameter circles around them, but this time you are being much more careful because the tree is not protected by a tube. Honestly the trees because so hard to find on the rest of the compartments without tubes. Most people suffered with a headache at the end of the day, ha!

One great thing about working near Eyemouth is that David drove us into town each working day and we would all get a chippy. Eyemouth is famous for fresh fish and chips because it is right on the sea. So many childhood memories have come up on our days in Eyemouth.

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