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Even if it looks like we are not actively hiring, we are always looking to hear from keen and motivated people who are eager to start planting. From September to May is our busiest time of the year as that is when the trees are put into the ground. June to August are more maintenance work and typically require certifications to be able to do the work.

At the moment we have a team of around ten full-time workers who work throughout the year. We get some people who work planting season only then do others things in summer. The truth is, we are flexible as long as you work hard.

Send over an updated CV to and explain in the email why you think you are a good fit for us.

Applicants usually fit into these categories;

  • Motivated. They do not give up and try hard to get better. The work can be tiring so as long as you can keep going and do YOUR best then we are happy.
  • Physically fit. The work involves carrying full planting bags – usually four pouches filled with trees. The weight lands on your hips and shoulders and you’d be carrying this most of the day if you are planting. If you struggle with the weight we can work on that, we know it takes time to condition your body and that is okay.
  • Weather-resistant. What we meant by that is we work in all weathers. Just because there is rain, snow, and sleet we do not stop. You need to be able to work in all weathers and turn up for work in the right clothing for the day.
  • Willing to learn. We are really big on giving continuous feedback and working points. We pride ourselves on being the best so even if you are doing great, we might still offer tips or alternatives to help you.
  • Listen well. Our clients can be different from each other in how they like things done. That means during the briefings you need to listen and take on any comments on how to do the work on that specific job.

Culture at work

At Apex Forestry we feel like a family. We spend planting time chatting and joking, we eat lunch together and share snacks. That is the kind of people we are. We think that people work better when there is a good atmosphere at work – and we encourage people to get to know each other and bounce ideas off each other.

apex forestry careers

Send over an updated CV to and explain in the email why you think you are a good fit for us.

The hours

Usually, we try to work 8-4.30pm – this is not always the case though. Some days we stay a little longer to finish a job, or we leave early when we get through the workload. If you can drive, you can easily stick to the core hours but most people grab a lift and work as a team to the end of the day and travel home together. We do, however, need more drivers and are keen to hear from anyone who has their own car.

apex forestry careers


You do not need any qualifications to work at Apex Forestry. We do encourage our employees to study and will often help them to get ITA funding to better themselves within the forestry industry. We also offer interest-free loans to anyone wanting to study their forestry tickets who do not have the money upfront.

Send over an updated CV to and explain in the email why you think you are a good fit for us.

If you do have some relevant qualifications then that is great! You will be able to work throughout the summer if you have a PA1/PA6 qualification. We can recommend good trainers and will always allow for time off to study for the course during the workweek.

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